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Richard and Marsha Hartrick had their business begin in one room of their home selling new and used tank trailers to meet the needs of their customers who were transporting food commodities, petroleum products, hazardous waste and acid type materials.

In March of 1976, the Hartrick's husband and wife team incorporated their company from the cramped quarters of their home to today's corporate building located at 2743 Brightwood Rd. SE, New Philadelphia, Ohio. Currently they employ over 25 service and office personnel and two sales representatives.

We now have three different operations incorporated under the original BCTE company.

Bulk Carriers Transportation Equipment Co.
This company is for customers who desire to own their equipment.

Tank Leasing Company
This company is for the customer who doesn't have a need to own. We offer long-term leasing with the option of a buy out at the end of lease.

Bulk Carrier Services
This company is a fully registered Department of Transportation/American Society of Mechanical Engineers repair facility that offers guaranteed work on jobs such as the following: Inner and Outer Barrel work Suspensions Brakes Axles HM-183 Testing Annual Department of Transportation Inspections Special Fabrication Department for custom jobs.

The people at Bulk Carriers Service have done such a great job, that the "word of mouth" referrals have already deemed it necessary to expand the service department at the New Philadelphia location.

"I believe in giving customers what they want at a fair price to all concerned, and to do that, I need to have the best people available. I know I have them." Richard Hartrick

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